看了亚洲富男友后,我们再来看看ASIA RICH GIRLFRIEND!

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《Crazy Rich Asians》上映后,亚洲富豪令人惊奇、如梦似幻的超奢华生活,顿时成为大家茶余饭后的最佳讨论话题。电影的卖座好票房,也让电影续集《China Rich Girlfriend》确定会开拍。顾名思义,这一次,说的是亚洲富女友。上一次,我们分享了亚洲富豪男友的真实人版(请点击文章:“疯狂亚洲富豪”真实人版:10大亚洲富男友,交不到、纯看也好!)。


#01 Rachel Yeoh & Michelle Yeoh(马来西亚)

热爱时尚的美丽双胞胎姐妹Rachel和Michelle,来自我国家传户晓的YTL家族第三代;父亲为创办人杨忠礼的四子杨肃祥(Michael Yeoh)。她们曾为Dolce & Gabana连续走春夏与秋冬秀、还上过《Vogue Japan》封面(虽然是一群人!)。从小热爱时尚的两姐妹,是四大时尚周常客;更是第一组受邀参加历史悠久的英国名媛舞会Queen Charlotte’s Debutante Ball的大马名媛 。热爱时尚的两人,还是British Fashion Council顾问委员,负责发掘优秀时尚设计师与评估时尚奖助基金的申请资格。

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Crazy Rich Asians meets the French Haute Bourgeoise! A few weeks ago I was sat in a suite at the Parisian Ritz, surrounded by macaroons from Ladurée and decadent pastries from Angelina. It was the end of Haute Couture Fashion Week so by then I had seen all the collections presented by my favourite fashion houses. When this incredible @fendi dress came down the runway, my heart skipped a beat and as dramatic as it may sound, the air changed and my world stalled for a moment. I knew I wanted to get my hands on it! This picture relays so many things to me about finding and living out dreams and desire, being inspired and the iconically French. But most importantly it represents the meeting and fusing of two worlds I simultaneously live and find belonging in-the East and West- in a way that does not put one above the other. They are bonded by the transporting forces of love and creativity, love for creativity, and the many stories that are the undercurrents of all our lives. @kevinkwanbooks has chronicled the magical time we spent together for @harpersbazaarus, and I cannot be more proud reliving all the wonderful things we got up to and the inspirational people that we met. Like his novel Crazy Rich Asians, this is a piece that breaks apart token representation and sheds light on our identities, stories and culture in ways that they deserve. The world is all of our oysters and I hope that it continues to feel more so. Link to read his piece is in my bio! It’s sharp and splendid- you’ll love it! Infinitely grateful to this unbelievable dream team! Production: @kathryn___rice Creative Direction: @carrielauren Photographer: @matthieusalvaing Fashion Editor: @cassieanderson212 @alisonssscohn #ValerieSchenkman #crazyrichasians #hautecouture

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3 weeks gone and missing him every second. Sharing a snippet of what I penned down after the funeral. Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr Yeoh Tiong Lay: 1929-2017. The world mourns the loss of an extraordinary man; heaven rejoices to welcome a most blessed soul. Over the past days, I've been blessed to witness the true extent of my Grandfather's legacy and the lives he touched. As I landed in KL, people recounted their encounters with him, to me. Every memory centred on his generosity, humility and altruism. The outpour of love for Ah Kong truly surpassed my imaginative capacity. Roads lined with cars and people, and flowers overflowed YTL Residence. Over the 4 days, thousands upon thousands of people from all walks of life came to pay their last respects. I was touched to learn that someone had spent all their savings to be there. Words will never truly capture the remarkable man and Grandfather he is. Ah Kong placed everyone before himself, never once complaining or speaking negatively. He worked relentlessly hard, as a child during WWII, until the very end. Recently he attended YTL Family Day despite subsequent functions and late nights. To him, YTL isn't just a company, it's his family. Ah Kong sacrificed immensely for his children's education; for us. When I read this in the news, I was amazed but not surprised: years ago, a man wrote to several business figures for help with his university fees. Only Ah Kong replied and privately contributed. Each time this man thanked him, he would reply not to, but to help others in need. Indeed, other people's happiness and success gave Ah Kong joy. When people defaulted on their payments or needed help, his generosity always extended. I thank God for Ah Kong, for blessing him, and for blessing me with the greatest Grandfather. His life is the perfect testament to God's Glory. I know he would've been honoured by his grand send off. As we passed YTL landmarks, I finally realised the true extent of his contributions and accomplishments. Ah Kong, I love you always and forever with all my ❤️. I will miss your cheeky smile and infectious laugh, and will cherish the memories forever. Rest in perfect peace… until we meet again ❤️

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#02 Yen Kuok 郭燕光(香港)

这个名字也许大家很陌生。但是Yen的爸爸你们一定认识——郭鹤年。身为马来西亚首富、亚洲糖王、香格里拉集团创始人的小女儿,她是父亲的宝贝,也被称作是和父亲最像的郭家二代。这位郭家公主,在万千宠爱与悉心培养下长大。但她却表示自己付出的努力也比一般人更多:“我要让大家看到我靠自己努力,我得把自己做到最优秀,如此他们就无话可说。”史丹福大学毕业回到香港后,她创办网站guiltless.com 卖二手名牌,目的是办一个能让大家放心买卖二手名牌的地方,即可表达对循环利用的支持、也有助于消除大家购买奢华品牌的罪恶感。


#03 NATASHA LAU 刘珈希(中国)

毕业自设计名校Parsons的Natasha,以名媛与时尚顾问的身份活跃于时尚圈,她与各大设计师关系良好,更为Dolce & Gabbana走了7场大小秀,是全球时尚名人齐聚Met Ball的常客之一。对时尚的热爱,源自曾被评为亚洲最时尚女性之一的母亲夏鹤庭Lisa;当然,还得有背后最大财力支持的父亲、侨江集团创办人刘金诚。“很多人只看到我光鲜亮丽的一面,却忽视了光芒背后的我还得额外加倍努力与付出。” Natasha从不因优渥家庭条件而有所懈怠,比起“名媛”,她其实更喜欢大家用“Influencer”来形容自己。除了有时尚KOL、模特儿和及名媛等身份,她也致力于慈善事业。

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Surprised me everytime @giorgioarmani

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这位血统高贵、来自皇室的富女友——泰国公主Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana,为泰国国王King Maha Vajiralongkorn二公主。热爱时尚的殿下,曾远赴法国攻读设计硕士,也是欧美时尚周以及各类时尚活动常客。当然,无论到了哪个时装周,她享受的都是顶级VVVIP礼遇。曾被评选为“全球最炙手可热皇室成员”的Princess Siri,更推出个人时尚品牌Sirivannavari Bangkok,走的是时尚又融入丝丝泰国典雅元素的风格,作品还获得了不少知名设计师的称赞。公主同时也是运动高手,在进入时尚圈前,她曾参加东运会的马术与羽毛球项目,而且都赢得了奖牌呢!


#05 KELLY ZONG宗馥莉(中国)







“CRAZY RICH ASIANS”!豪门除了穿名牌,原来也穿大马制造

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